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Manners in Motion® - A New Spin on Cotillion

Manners in Motion 6 week program

Manners in Motion Whats Included


Favorite anchor and journalist Ms. Vicki Liviakis features Manners in Motion®
on San Francisco's KRON 4 feature segment

For six weeks, give your child a fun, weekly break from texting and Instagram. 
Enroll in Manners in Motion®, a modern-day equivalent of the Cotillion. 

It’s an age-appropriate way to teach your child the fundamentals of social dancing, dining etiquette, and social interaction.

Social partner dancing and good manners never go out of style!

Conceived and directed by
Bay Area Choreographer and Instructor
Cynthia Glinka

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For the past 15 years, Cynthia has inspired thousands of middle schoolers in the Bay Area. Cynthia and her partner A.C. Griffing were the instructors at Belvedere Tiburon's Cotillion program for ten years. Now, with Manners in Motion®, they bring a whole new level of fun, glamour, and excitement to classic Cotillion instruction. The program features an innovative teaching technique developed by Cynthia Glinka.

Sessions are taught in a supportive, non-competitive environment that integrates social group awareness with a sense of style, grace, and fun.

Social Partner Dancing takes an entertaining and inspiring approach with an emphasis on appropriate boundaries of touch and mutual respect. Students learn how to ask for and accept a dance, escort a partner to-and-from the dance floor, and how to identify different musical tempos.

Etiquette Evening is a fun, entertaining way to give your child confidence and poise. 
The Do’s and Don’ts of Dining and Discourse explores the art of table manners and the basics of social interaction.
From when to turn-off their cell phones to knowing which water glass is theirs. All in a formal setting. A delicious three-course meal and refreshments will be served.

These lessons can be applied to everyday life, from learning to keep one’s elbows off the table to writing a thoughtful thank you note.


Manners in Motion® is inspired by Cynthia Glinka's real-life experiences.

During one of her earlier sessions, Cynthia noticed that some of the students weren’t responding. They slumped, yawned, and were easily distracted. The students’ body language and bored expressions made it clear that dressing-up and going to a gym to learn dancing wasn’t exactly their idea of a good time.

That’s when Cynthia had an idea. She told the kids, Pretend we’re in a MOVIE… you’re an actor or actress… you just came from the Wardrobe Department... quiet on the set… places… rolling… ACTION!”

Immediately, the kids’ attitudes and demeanor shifted. They danced with a spring in their step. Their posture improved as they smiled “for the camera.”

According to Cynthia, “The transformation was dramatic – it was just amazing!”

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Customized Programs and Parties!

Manners in Motion® programs can be tailored to the needs of your community. Workshops, parties, and custom programs are available.

For six fun-filled weeks, students learn dancing and etiquette while acting their “roles” as movie performers! They learn to behave “on the set”, get coached on proper “wardrobe”, and practice being poised in front of the camera.

Program Highlights

On the Dance Floor

Our cast is coached and rehearsed in social partner dances including The Glinka Glide,
If You Can Walk, You Can Dance, Fox Trot and Swing, with continuous partner rotation.

Looking the Part

Students are required to dress appropriately throughout the entire Manners in Motion® series. "Actors" will be asked to wear a blazer or sport coat and will learn to tie a necktie. "Actresses" are encouraged to wear a skirt or dress and will be coached on perfect posture.


Perfect Posture

Tips on posture and proper seating


Dining Do's and Don'ts


A.C. Griffing directs and offers guidance at the dining table

Knot Too Tricky


Students learn the art of how to tie a necktie.


Etiquette Evening

The cast display their manners (no elbows on the table, please), as they rehearse and explore the art of dining etiquette and socializing in a formal setting.

Families Dancing Together


Family members are invited to join our students to learn the tips and tricks of social partner dancing, so you can enjoy dancing with your "star" at the Red Carpet Gala.


Red Carpet Gala


Ladies and gentlemen demonstrate their newly acquired dance and social skills to the sounds of live music, plus enjoy a buffet dinner.

Manners in the Mail


Even in the age of email, thank you notes still matter. Young people learn the importance of sending thoughtful, handwritten notes.



Imagine the excitement as youngsters unplug their iPods and dance to a live band! It will be an “Opening Night” to remember!


Manners in Motion with Jan Wahl on KRON 4

Manners in Motion Evening Magazine

Cynthia’s giving cotillion a whole new spin

Cotillion - Re^Defined. A short film on the history of Cotillion

Cynthia Glinka was asked by Tam High students to address the current trends. Conclusion - cotillion is a thing of the past. And into the future with Glinka's Manners in Motion, a new spin on Cotillion. Produced and Directed by Maddy Ball, Kai Brewer,
Dekoa Field, and Tara Salisbury.


Manners in Motion ~ Marin Jan 27-March 9 2016 REGISTER TODAY

Social Skills for Students

On and Off

the Dance Floor


6th & 7th Graders

Marin County
January 27 - March 9, 2016



6-week series
Marin Country Club, Novato
Hamilton Community Center West Wing Auditorium


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Support financially challenged students with scholarships and a clothing allowance, enabling them to participate in this innovative eight- week program, Manners in Motion®.

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for more information

Manners in Motion® Team

Cynthia Glinka
Founder and Creative Director

For the past 13 years, Cynthia has inspired thousands of middle schoolers in the Bay Area along with her partner A.C. Now she brings a new level of fun, glamour, and excitement to classic Cotillion instruction with Manners in Motion, a new spin on cotillion.

A.C. Griffing
Associate Producer

As pro dance partner with Cynthia throughout her career, A.C. has many years experience as project manager for international corporate events. As a performer, he is familiar to audiences as the baritone of the Jesters Vocal Trio.


Your Hosts
Cynthia Glinka and A.C. Griffing
Dancing in the New Year at Davies Symphony Hall