Dance Partners, Dance Escorts for Hire, Glinka's Gigolo's

Glinka’s Gigolos - Dance Partners

gig-o-lo (jig-uh-loh)

We identify with definition # 2 as found in Webster's Dictionary.
2.    A professional dancing partner or male escort

Think of gentlemen dance hosts on cruise ships

We’ve got them here on land! Pairing unescorted women to the dance floor with experienced, debonair gentleman dance partners capable of leading a variety of Social Ballroom and Latin dances.

Our roster of Glinka’s Gents are also available for private and social dance events. Contact us to inquire about costs.

Throughout a recent Taste & Twirl® series, gentlemen hosts were a success by insuring the maximum number of ladies got the maximum number of dances throughout the events.

Glinka’s Gigolos are experienced dancers, each individually qualified with manners, demeanor, and dance training.

Call to schedule your dance partner.
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