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Manners in Motion 6 week program


Manners in Motion Whats Included


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For 6 weeks, give your child a fun, weekly break from texting and Instagram. 

It’s an age-appropriate way to teach your child the fundamentals of social dancing,
dining etiquette and social interaction.

Social Skills for Students
On and Off the Dance Floor
Social partner dancing and good manners never go out of style!

Conceived and directed by
Bay Area Choreographer and Instructor
Cynthia Glinka

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For the past 20+ years, Cynthia has inspired thousands of middle schoolers in the Bay Area. Manners in Motion® brings a whole new level of fun, glamour, and excitement to outdated Cotillion instruction. The program features an innovative teaching technique developed by Cynthia Glinka.

Sessions are taught in a supportive, non-competitive environment that integrates social group awareness with a sense of style, grace, and fun.

SOCIAL PARTNER DANCING takes an entertaining and inspiring approach with emphasis on appropriate boundaries of touch and mutual respect. Students learn how to ask for and accept a dance, escort a partner to-and-from the dance floor, and how to identify different musical tempos.

ETIQUETTE EVENING is an informative and fun way to give your child confidence and poise. 
A formal 3-course meal and refreshments will be served.  The Do’s and Don’ts of Dining and Discourse explores the art of table manners and the basics of social interaction.
From when to turn-off their cell phones to knowing which water glass is theirs. 

These lessons can be applied to everyday life, from learning to keep one’s elbows off the table to writing a thoughtful thank you note.

RED CARPET GALA serves a delicious buffet dinner, refreshments and dancing to a live band. 
Family members are invited the last 1/2 hour to join in the fun.


Customized Programs and Parties!

Manners in Motion® programs can be tailored to the needs of your community.
Workshops, parties, and custom programs are available.

Program Highlights

On the Dance Floor

Our students are coached and rehearsed in social partner dances including The Glinka Glide, Fox Trot
and Swing, with continuous partner rotation.

Looking the Part

Students are requested to dress appropriately throughout the Manners in Motion series. "Leaders" will be asked to wear a blazer/sport coat and tie. "Followers" are encouraged to wear a skirt or dress and will be coached on perfect posture.

Perfect Posture

Tips on posture and proper seating

Dining Do's and Don'ts


A.C. Griffing directs and offers guidance at the dining table

Knot Too Tricky


Students learn the art of how to tie a necktie.

Etiquette Evening

Students display their manners (no elbows on the table, please), as they explore the art of dining etiquette and socializing in a formal setting.



Families Dancing Together


Family members are invited the last 1/2 hour
at the Red Carpet Gala dancing to a live band.

Red Carpet Gala


Ladies and gentlemen demonstrate their newly acquired dance and social skills to the sounds of live music, plus enjoy a buffet dinner and refreshments.

Manners in the Mail


Even in the age of email, thank you notes still matter. Young people learn the importance of sending thoughtful, handwritten notes.  CLICK HERE for top favs from our students.



Imagine the excitement as youngsters 'unplug' and dance to a live band!
It will be a night to remember!


Cynthia Glinka's Manners in Motion® Interview with Jan Wahl KRON 4 Television

Manners in Motion® Featured on CBS KPIX TV "Evening Magazine"

 Introduce Your Child To The Original Social Networkng

Cotillion - Re^Defined ~ a short film on the history of Cotillion

Cynthia Glinka was asked by Mill Valley's Mt. Tam high school students Maddy Ball, Kai Brewer, Dekoa Field and Tara Salisbury
to address the current trends. Conclusion - Cotillion is a thing of the past.
And into the future with Glinka's Manners in Motion®.
Social Skills for Students ~ On and Off the Dance Floor