On the Dance Floor with Cynthia Glinka

cynthia glinka dance instructor bay areaCynthia Glinka - Partner Dance Specialist - Social Style

 Dance Coach, Instructor and Choreographer,
Cynthia is a master at inspiring and guiding all ages to the joys of Social Partner Dancing.

Cynthia always brings her enthusiasm and magic to the dance floor !

Glinka has served as a Choreographer for Hollywood films, theatrical productions, documentaries,
and has appeared on both local and national television.

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Manners in Motion® Featured on CBS KPIX TV "Evening Magazine"

Introduce Your Child To The Original Social Networkng (a new spin on Cotillion).

Cynthia Glinka's Manners in Motion® program guides 6th & 7th Graders during a 6 week program focusing on social skills and partner dancing.

Students learn dances including the Swing, Fox Trot, Rumba and Waltz, dining out etiquette and concludes with the Red Carpet Gala featuring live music as students take to the dance floor showcasing their new life changing skills.

Dance coach and choreographer Cynthia Glinka has inspired thousands of Middle Schoolers in the Bay Area. Cynthia was the lead instructor for 10 years at Belvedere Tiburon's Rec Department's Cotillion.

Now, with Manners in Motion®, she brings a whole new level of fun, glamour, and excitement to classic Cotillion instruction.

Good manners never go out of style !