On the Dance Floor with Cynthia Glinka

cynthia glinka dance instructor bay areaCynthia Glinka - Partner Dance Specialist - Social Style

 Dance Coach, Instructor and Choreographer,
Cynthia is a master at inspiring and guiding all ages to the joys of Social Partner Dancing.

Cynthia always brings her enthusiasm and magic to the dance floor !

Glinka has served as a Choreographer for Hollywood films, theatrical productions, documentaries,
and has appeared on both local and national television.

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Behind the scenes at Bently Reserve for IZZY Magazine

A behind the scenes look at the IZZY photo shoot held at Bently Reserve, San Francisco.

Video features Cynthia Glinka coaching and choreographing models for a 2010 bridal photo shoot, which appeared in the Premiere Issue of IZZY, a magazine for the bride that is looking for something just a bit different.

Courtesy of Melissa Ann Bagley