On the Dance Floor with Cynthia Glinka

cynthia glinka dance instructor bay areaCynthia Glinka - Partner Dance Specialist - Social Style

 Dance Coach, Instructor and Choreographer,
Cynthia is a master at inspiring and guiding all ages to the joys of Social Partner Dancing.

Cynthia always brings her enthusiasm and magic to the dance floor !

Glinka has served as a Choreographer for Hollywood films, theatrical productions, documentaries,
and has appeared on both local and national television.

Cynthia Glinka on YouTube                                  Check out Glinka's Videos on my YouTube Channel

Dance with Glinka featured on Facebook's 1st Ad Campaign

"Mastering something new is easier with the help of friends."

Thrilled to be featured on Facebook's first ad campaign.  It takes two to Tango. We know it's not a Tango, but regular folks like you having some fun, dancing two-by-two.

Dancer Cynthia Glinka, longtime performer as well as teacher, was one of the first 5 online ads promoting Facebook.

Leah Garchik, San Francisco Chronicle, April 16, 2014