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Do we have time?

ONE SESSION I guarantee it. Whether it’s six months or six hours before your celebration, with my tips and tricks and common sense approach, the bear hug will remain a memory from high school. A sense of elegance and style all your own will live on and the timeless photo opportunities will be captured for you to enjoy for years to come.

Can we afford this?

Some folks instinctively know it’s a necessity. A luxury you can afford – you’ll be dancing with the one you love. After your wedding celebration the cake is eaten, flowers are wilted, photos are tucked away in albums, and the wedding dress is packed away – but you will still be dancing. It’s an investment for your lifetime together.

Why is it important to learn to dance?

You will become aware of opportunities to dance to the music as you journey through life now that you have my simple road map. Muscle memory will allow you to easily recall the variations we've explored and those that you create on-the-spot. You’ll be amazed at how your perception of music changes and instead of sitting and listening, you will get up and dance - together.

How are you different from traditional dance studios?

As an independent dance coach and choreographer, it’s my pleasure and passion to share the gift of dance. My style is social dancing in a Closed Position and my goal for you is to feel confident and have FUN, instead of memorizing steps or to look like you had any formal training.

I offer an original and unique approach to partner dance instruction with rapid results.
After our session, you’ll be dancing out the door – GUARANTEED. No fancy footwork required. If you can walk, you can dance.
Sessions are private and not shared with other couples. I have heard from clients that they booked a private dance lesson with highly visible dance studios.

BUT... when they had their private lesson of 50 minutes, the studio also had other couples sharing the studio space.
SO... they only got to hear their song of choice a few times and had to endure hearing other's songs as they were learning.

What's up with that?

Are you sure you can teach us to dance in just ONE SESSION?

I guarantee it. With my introductory session, you will be dancing with your partner. I offer a less formalized approach to partner dancing than what is offered in most dance instruction environments. My method focuses less on footwork, as it emphasizes upper body posture, the Closed Position hold, and simple variations that can be easily led and comfortably followed.

How will we remember after only one lesson?

If you are new to social dancing, once you experience this common sense approach to leading and following, you'll wonder why you didn't step out sooner. Once you establish your muscle memory with our simple tips and tricks, your subconscious will start blending the music with your body movements. A whole new vista is opened for you to enjoy the beauty and pleasure of following or leading your partner across the floor. It only takes 24 hours for the instruction to get from your brain to your feet and you’ll recall what you’ve learned.

After you’ve danced out the door, you will receive through email your personal Glinka Guide featuring a recap of our session and a series of digital photos to enhance your muscle memory. Your personalized Glinka Guide will help you recall the moves, so you can refer to notes and recall what you experienced.

What is the value of our investment?

I’ll teach you simple moves, giving you the confidence and desire to get out of your chair, onto the dance floor, and into the embrace of your partner. I don’t clock the hour, so once we get together, we will accomplish a beginning, middle, and end of a dance. Sessions are about 2 hours. You’ll be provided with a personalized Glinka Guide to recap your lesson and to help you retain the personal instruction AND you will receive digital photos taken during our session. I find it a helpful tool to kick-start your muscle memory and recall our time together. The before-and-after pictures provide an opportunity for your photographer to snap that perfect shot on your wedding day.

Will you teach us ballroom dancing?

Well, yes AND no! Ballroom dancing, as traditionally taught, follows a conventional, well-defined pattern of steps. It tends to be more rigid and choreographed. Proficiency and comfort takes time, money, and dedication, and traditional studio lessons can be very discouraging. I teach simple variations of social and popular ballroom dances.

Is social partner dancing the same as ballroom dancing?

Competition or extensive training is not the goal. I offer a less formalized and choreographed approach to partner dancing than is offered in most dance instruction environments. My method is designed for the beginner and focuses less on footwork and emphasizes upper body posture and elementary steps, such as the Closed Position hold, and simple variations that can be easily led and comfortably followed. Proficiency and comfort are quickly achieved.

Has “Dancing with the Stars” increased your business?

Yes and no. Popular television shows have brought couple dancing back into today’s modern culture. What’s important is that you are the stars of your wedding day and you will certainly feel like one on the dance floor and for years to come!    

Dancing will add spice, vitality, and romance to your wedding day and your marriage. Specializing in reluctant partners.

Questions Cynthia will ask you when you call about scheduling your session

Are you planning on a DJ or band for your reception?

If your DJ spins your first dance tune, you’ll be familiar from beginning-to-end. Most bands are happy to accompany you, but do keep in mind that if you’ve been practicing to a Sinatra tune, it won’t sound like Sinatra! Either way, you’ll be able to dance to a slow, medium, or fast tempo after our session.

First Dance Tunes Available

I’ve collected an eclectic list of tunes available upon request. I suggest an upbeat tempo for your first dance - you’ll have more fun on the dance floor as your guests cheer you on.

Dance Orchestra and Band Referrals Available (no charge for referrals)

I can guide you to the finest orchestras and dance bands the Bay Area has to offer. If you are looking for music in the style of the '20s, '30s, '40s, or '50s ideal for couples’ dancing - versus Rock 'n' Roll freestyling - we can put you in touch with the finest musicians around. I guarantee you’ll be able to dance to any tune and tempo - and you’ll enjoy spinning and dipping on the dance floor.

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You’ll be dancing out the door – guaranteed!

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