Thank you to the following friends and colleagues with whom
my dance journey would not have been possible. 

ac__cyn_astaire_poseA.C. Griffing my Fred Astaire
Vicki Liviakis Cheerleader
Jan Wahl Cheerleader

Chantal Charbonneau Personal Assistant
Mike Moser - Rest in Peace Creative Director and Genius
Don McClain Technical Consultant

Mark Hughes Video Producer
Doug Canning Video Editor
Eileen Denny Alexander Creative
Jennifer Gress 2013
  Web Designer and Consultant
Teresa Murphy 2011 Web Designer and Consultant
Mike Sarfatti
Web Advisor
Kim Taylor
Publicist & Editorial Advisor
Steve Gatlin
Gatlin Photography Filmmaker and Video Editor
Brian Dettor Photographer
Carl Lippenberger Attorney at Large

Marcie Judelson Copywriter and Creative Consultant
Andoni Panici Andoni Entertainment Productions

Janis Sturdevant Marketing Designer Manners in Motion® logo
Melina Meru Hair Stylist
Persia Matine Makeup Stylist
Professional Association
Fanfare Weddings
Don Neely
Royal Society Jazz Orchestra Composer arranger Manners in Motion® theme song
Jon Kiessling Consultant
Tom Segal Choreographer
Suzie Hardt Choreographer

Dave & Michele Barni Housing Angels
Cherie Oliver Creative Inspiration
Shelley Rideout - Rest in Peace Costume Designer

Joan Loeffler Constant Supporter
Ken Glinka My Baby Brother

In Memory of Bob Dean