I love working with ladies without a partner. My goal would be to share tips & tricks’ on how to ‘follow in any style of partner dance to any tune or tempo. You can learn all the fancy steps that only you would know in the traditional ballroom style. Happy to guide you in the social style basics in Swing, Salsa, Fox Trot, etc.

As a Solo, get ready to have some fun and enjoy dancing with a partner who has the pleasure of asking you to dance.

Ladies: We traditionally are the ‘Follower’ and get to ‘hang on’ and follow the ‘Leader.”  I have had the pleasure of dancing with 1,000s of fellas dancing out and about and believe me, they each have their own unique style and steps. Trust me, some don’t even have a clue.  But following whatever moves they do, will make for a pleasurable 3 minutes dancing together.

Be ready when someone “asks you to dance!”

Dance Like No One Is Watching 002