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Getting Married?

Unique approach with rapid results

You'll be able to dance to any tune or tempo

No need for formal ballroom moves
Specializing in reluctant partner

Cynthia will give you crowd-pleasing confidence
worthy of your special day in
just ONE SESSION guaranteed

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Your First Dance

Unfortunately a lot of newlyweds have one trip before their honeymoon.

You may think you or your partner have two left feet, but don't despair! Cynthia knows how to help you be the star at your own wedding and it's not that hard and doesn't take that long!

In fact, Cynthia can work dance wonders with you in

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Getting married? Sessions are being held at my Mill Valley location or can travel to your location.
Thrilled if I could prep you and yours for your first dance.

You’ll be dancing for a lifetime after ONE SESSION ~ guaranteed.



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Client's comments say it best.

My goal for you is to become comfortable and confident, look natural, and have FUN on the dance floor


Cynthia offers a unique approach to dance instruction with rapid results.

Spin, dip, and dance your way down the aisle!

 I offer a unique approach that guarantees you’ll be dancing after just ONE SESSION. 
Plan on about 2 hours.

If you can walk, you can dance.

After our session, I'll email your personal Glinka's Guide to assist recall so you can refer to the notes when you get home.
Along with a series of digital photos to prep you for your photo memories.

"The gift that gets you dancing"... perfect for any occasion.


An investment that lasts a lifetime !
Surprise your partner with a spin on the dance floor. For that person who has everything or hard to figure out gift.
Learning to dance can be the best part of preparing for your wedding day!
wedding-dance-sessions-first-dance-instructor-bay-areaGlinka provides personal service

At your convenience, let's chat on the phone. I'd love to hear about your vision, gather details, and we can discuss pricing.
You'll notice I do not post pricing.  Every client is unique.
I respect your time and return calls and emails within 24 hours.

"Thank you for your fun loving, energetic & thoughtful dance lesson!
Your fingerprints were all over our spins, and everyone LOVED our first dance!

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Dad & Daughter


Star Studded Finale

Is this ballroom dancing? NO

Teaching folks like YOU how to social partner dance.
Not ballroom with its contrived holds and patterns. . . Plenty of teachers trained to compete. We're not going for a trophy folks.
You wanna dance to any tune or tempo? Have some fun?
Let's connect.
415-485-5500 land
415-310-1875 cell

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Having worked on feature films and television,
I share tips on how to capture the 'money shot' for FAB PHOTOS.

I encourage clients not to choreograph but to have a sense of spontaneity on the dance floor.
Competition or extensive training is not our goal.
Ballroom Schools focus on steps and takes time.

Specializing in shy or reluctant partners.
After our time together, you'll be able to dance to any tune or tempo.
I guarantee you'll be dancing for a lifetime.

What do women want?  Ask me to dance?
 Kitchen Cuddle Before and After

From their kitchen to the SpotlightWedding Dance Couple Before and After Jillian and Eric Before and AfterWhen you book with me, I'm your guide.
Our session is private and not shared with other couples as typical in many dance studios.

Call to schedule your Private Session Today
415-485-5500 land
415-310-1875 cell

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Consider Dance Lessons for more than just your First Dance!

Rehearsal Dinners
Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
A fabulous gift for guests at your reception
Father of the Bride and Mother of the Groom
Invite your family members to our session
Gift certificates available

Cynthia Glinka’s instruction in partner dancing does not discriminate
between who leads and who follows, based on gender.


jubilee_lau.jpg    "I encourage ALL my clients to take dance lessons with Cynthia!"

"I first met Cynthia Glinka about 5 years ago, at an industry networking event. I still remember quite vividly her amazing energy, and the spark in her eyes when she described herself as a dancer. Thereafter, I began to send her my clients that needed dance lessons. As I saw the way she transformed my clients' confidence level on the dance floor, I was in awe. Even the shyest of the grooms who swore they had two left feet could be seen gracefully spinning his beautiful bride on the dance floor after just ONE lesson with Cynthia! It was magic!"

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Cynthia Glinka with Groom Talk

Glinka and Groom Talk with You are Videos – What do women want? Ask me to dance!

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Cynthia Glinka and Fanfare Wedding Pros at the Kohl Mansion in Burlingame

Cynthia Glinka on ABC's "View From The Bay" with Reporter Nick Smith

Segment on ABC's "View From The Bay" featuring KGO-TV reporter Nick Smith
mastering social dance moves in just ONE session
featuring Cynthia Glinka and her "tips and tricks."
A great peek into Glinka's guidance on the dance floor.

Boost your confidence on the dance floor with Cynthia Glinka - live!

Cynthia Glinka's encore appearance on ABC's "View From The Bay"
with Hosts Spencer Christian and Janelle Wang
as she coaches basic do's and don'ts on the dance floor.

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