Larkspur-based dance instructor Cynthia Glinka agrees that dancing, with its fast paced rhythms, offers one of the best workouts you can get. “It’s the cardio,” she says.

“This is the only sport where two people can hold each other in an intimate embrace and exercise at the same time -
with their clothes on,” 
she says with a laugh.
   Marin Independent Journal

Frequently Asked Questions about dance sessions: 

Do I have time?

ONE SESSION – I guarantee you’ll be dancing out the door ~ guaranteed.  The bear hug hold will remain a memory from high school.

Can I afford this?

Yes! You can afford to have an enjoyable and relaxing time on the dance floor. It’s an investment that will bring you a lifetime of enjoyment.

Why is it important to learn to dance?

You will become aware of opportunities to dance to the music as you journey through life when you take advantage of my simple road map. Muscle memory will allow you to easily recall the variations we explore, as well as those that you create on-the-spot. You’ll be amazed how your perception of music changes. Instead of sitting and listening.  Get off your chair and dance!

How are you different from traditional dance studios?

As an independent dance coach and choreographer, it’s my pleasure and passion to share the gift of dance. My style is social dancing in a Closed Position and my goal is that you feel confident and have fun, rather than memorizing steps. I offer an original and unique approach to partner dance instruction with rapid results. After our session, you’ll be dancing out the door – guaranteed.  No fancy footwork required. If you can walk, you can dance!

Are you sure you can teach anyone in just ONE session?

YES ~ ONE SESSION and you will have tricks & tips how to ask a partner to dance. I offer a less formalized approach to partner dancing than what is offered in most dance instruction environments. My method focuses less on footwork, as it emphasizes body posture, the Closed Position hold, and simple variations that can be easily adapted, led, and comfortably followed to any tune or tempo.

How will I remember after only ONE lesson?

Once you experience my common sense approach to leading and following, you'll wonder why you didn't step out sooner.  After our session, I'll e-mail your personalized GLINKA GUIDE recapping our time together, along with digital photos to boost your memory.  We can also take a video.

What is the value of my investment?

Once we get together, we'll accomplish a beginning, middle, and end of a dance. About two hours and you'll be dancing out the door.  Get out of your chair and dance!

Will you teach me ballroom dancing?

NO.  Ballroom dancing, as traditionally taught, follows a conventional, well-defined pattern of steps. It tends to be more rigid and choreographed. Proficiency and comfort takes time, money, and dedication. I've heard from clients that traditional studio lessons can be very discouraging. I teach simple variations of popular ballroom dances.

Is social partner dancing the same as ballroom dancing?

NO. Competition or extensive training is not the goal. 

Has “Dancing with the Stars” increased your business?

YES and NO. Popular tv shows brought couples' dancing back into today’s modern culture.  These folks are competing for a prize and in spandex. 
"We're not going for a trophy here, folks."

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