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What is RejuveDance®?

Restoring youthful vigor of the body, mind, and spirit through
musically inspired rhythmic motion in an intimate embrace

RejuveDance = Rejuvenate: to make young again + Dance: to move in rhythm to music.
Promoting social dance as a path to physical, mental, and emotional wellness

Social dance as a path to health and wellness

An original and unique approach to partner dance instruction in a social environment ("social dancing") with rapid results for the young and the young at heart. No fancy footwork required. Look like you know how to dance with common sense tips and tricks. If you can walk, you can dance. With the RejuveDance® method, you're one step away from the dance floor.
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The mission of RejuveDance®

To promote social dancing as a path to physical, cognitive, and emotional well being. From time immemorial and across all cultures, humankind has celebrated life with dance. The memory of dance is embedded in the very fiber of our being.
You were born to dance. All you need to do is start moving. It won't take long before your body remembers how much it loves to move. You'll feel the music in your soul and the vibrations healing your body, mind, and spirit.

Is RejuveDance® the same as ballroom dancing?

Well, yes AND no! Ballroom dancing, as traditionally taught, follows a conventional, well-defined pattern of steps. It tends to be more rigid and choreographed. Proficiency and comfort takes time and dedication, and can be discouraging to a beginner. The space required to execute the moves properly is often not available in public venues.

The solution? RejuveDance®!

Competition or extensive training is not our goal. We offer a less formalized and choreographed approach to partner dancing than that offered in most dance instruction environments. The RejuveDance® method is designed for the beginner, focuses less on footwork, and instead emphasizes proper upper body posture and elementary steps - the Closed Position hold and simple variations that can be easily led and comfortably followed, even in crowded venues. Proficiency and comfort are quickly achieved.

Spin and dip your partner. You'll feel like a star!

RejuveDance® is geared to all ages.

If you are interested in restoring spice and vitality,
improving your physical and cognitive condition, and adding romance to your life,
that's RejuveDance®!

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